Disposable & Biodegradable Toilet Brush With Cleaning Fluid ,Toilet Cleaning System

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This disposable toilet brush is the only toilet wand with flushable pads and cleaning fluid. The pads are 100% biodegradable and septic safe for a convenient clean!


  1. Healthy and Environmental: Fresh brush refills is flushable & biodegradable Contains no phosphorus Non-abrasive, could be discarded directly after us.
  2. Make your life more easily: Replacement head comes with disinfectant detergent, make it easy to clean your Bathroom&toilet.
  3. Double-layer design: The blue part of the brush head contains concentrated toilet cleaner, which is enough to eliminate dirt
  4. 360° cleaning: Soft, eliminates odors, removes limescale, and cleans under the rim and below the water.


How to Use:

  • To assemble
  1. Snap the two handle pieces together until the tabs lock. Assembly is permanent.
  2. Slide blue button forward, insert pad, slide button back.
  3. Button will click when closed.
  • To cleanWet the pad in the toilet and briefly swish to activate cleaner. Scrub bowl, including under the rim.
  • To dispose: After cleaning the toilet, push the blue button forward so that the clip is released, and the brush head is thrown directly into the toilet to wash away. —it will disintegrate like toilet paper and easily flush away.