Robot Fish Set

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Do your kids love the aquarium?

Make bathing enjoyable by turning the tub into your kid's personal aquarium with the amazing Robot Fish Set!

This remarkable fish swims and moves around your pool or tub just like a real fish!

Extremely durable and scratch-resistant that is guaranteed to last for years!

It’s an amazing realistic moving fish that your child or pet will surely love!

Create an aquarium anywhere and make bathing fun with the remarkable Robot Fish Set!

We have developed these interactive and colorful Cat Robot Fish Toys to encourage your cats or even small dogs to hone their natural hunting instincts, but also have fun with them.🐈


Extremely durable and safe!

Made of durable BPA free ABS plastic material that makes it sturdy and safe for your pets to play with!

Built with an extremely durable motor that guarantees long working hours that is sure to last for years!

Designed with a smooth surface to keep it scratch-proof and capable of withstanding your cat’s sharp claws!

It conveniently runs on standard coin cell batteries!

Place it in your pool or tub and encourage your pet to play in the water with the amazing Robot Fish Set! 

Easy to use!

Place these fishes in your pool or tub of choice and watch them swim!

Simply turn the robot fish on and watch it move its fins back and forth just like a real fish!

Awaken your cat’s natural instincts and make bath-time fun as they try to catch these cute adorable fishes!

Batteries are already included!

Eliminate your pet’s hydrophobia and awaken their natural instincts and let them catch and play with the amazing Robot Fish Set now!


One Set Including 5 Fish

Watch out:

Before use, check whether the waterproof pad of the battery cover is tight, whether the screw is tightened or not. Do not pull the tail of the octopus during use. The little fish is swinging on the tail. When the tail of copper wire breaks, the little fish can not swim!