Lumbar Support Cushion

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Finally relieve unwanted aches and pain from sitting all day!
Sitting for long periods of time can be painful and uncomfortable, especially without the proper support. Cushion Tush provides key support that your body needs to sit for long periods of time, comfortably. Finally you can say goodbye to fatigue, poor posture and back/hip pain with the Cushion Tush.
"I am absolutely in love with my Cushion Tush! This pillow is so fantastic and so comfortable, It feels incredible to sit at my desk comfortably!" - Cheryl C.
Sit Comfortably All Day - supports all of the right areas so you can sit for long periods of time while still being comfortable, even in the most uncomfortable chairs.
Correct Posture - Optimal support to your hips and lower back helps with straightening out your spine and getting rid of poor posture.
Improve Bloodflow - Reduce pressure on critical areas that can negatively effect blood flow and feel the difference in your lower body.
Take It Anywhere - conveniently made to be able to go anywhere, whether it be the office, in the car or on a plane!