Hungry Frog Eating Beans Children Strategy Games

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2pcs set A3pcs set A4pcs set A2pcs set B3pcs set B
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😘😘😘Happy Little Frog

✨The little frogs are scrambling to swallow the beads.
✨The children pressed quickly to see which frog grabbed more beads.
✨A fun and simple game for your family, making your leisure time more enjoyable

💕2pcs set A -Green:35*15*8cm + 24balls
💕2pcs set A-Blue: 35*14*7cm + 12balls
💕2pcs set B-Blue:   37*16*8cm + 18balls
💕3pcs set A-Green:30*30*8cm + 24balls
💕3pcs set A-Blue:   27*27*7cm + 18balls
💕3pcs set B-Green:33*33*8cm + 24balls
💕3pcs set B-Blue:   33*33*8cm + 24balls

💕4pcs set A-Green:36*36*8cm + 24balls
💕4pcs set A-Blue:36*36*7cm + 24balls

✨Material: environmental friendly plastic.
✨Suitable for age: above 4 years old.
✨Put all the beads into the plate. When the pre-selected player said starts, the players have to swallow beads as much as possible.Then the beads will fall into the basins on the back of the frogs and the player who got most beads will be the winner
✨Put all the beads into the plate. Then the players take turns to play. Players have the chance to swallow a grain of bead each time, and only the player succeed in swallowing a bead can continue. Repeat this process until all the beads in the plate are swallowed by the frogs. The player who got most beads will be the winner.
✨A great gift for children.

💕Package Included:
1 x Hungry Frog Toy + Balls