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🔥🔥🔥The Easy Make Heat Transfer Paper is fun and easy for you to customise your favourite clothes. It is so easy to use, just need an iron and your creative mind! Print out any pattern with inkjet printer and iron onto the apparel.

The paper works on all inkjet printers and the images are long-lasting without peeling off. Want to have your one-and-only t-shirt, cushions or hoodie customised just for you, family members or friends? Let's get these and try it at home now!


  • Quick & Easy: The transfer paper is so easy to use. Just print out your favourite image and iron onto the apparel for few minutes.
  • Long-lasting Images: The transferred image is durable and long-lasting that will not come off easily.
  • High Quality Paper Sheet: The heat transfer paper is quality-made which is durable and transfer images perfectly and beautifully.
  • Perfect On Cotton Fabrics: It can be applied on any cotton fabrics items.
  • Customise Your Own: It is free for you to create and print out own images with your creative mind on any apparel like t-shirts, hoodies or cushion at home, etc. 



Electric Iron & Heat Press Machine can be used:

Here are following steps to use the of the Advanced Edition (Electric Iron & Heat Press Machine)
💕For light color textiles and for most announced inkjet printers!
💕Suitable for transferring to black & white or color images onto whit or light-colored cotton or cotton-mixed fabrics and cloth-covered mouse pads, using an iron.
💕What you need:
✨T-shirt transfer
✨Inkjet printer
✨Aflat, hard and smooth surface to iron on
✨An iron (no travel iron).
✨White or pastel-colored T.shirt, baseball cap. boxer shorts, cloth-covered mouse pad.cotton napkins or handkerchiefs, etc
1. 💕Printing
Recommended the "Printer Media Type Setting" as "Photo Quality Inkjet Paper" mode to conduct the optimum photo quality printing result.
Selecting the "Mirror Image" option and using best print quality is requested.
Use the single-sheet feed only.
Print the desired motif first onto regular photo copy paper to check that the color and size of motif are correct Motif has to be mirror-operated!
Print your motif onto transfer paper and leave it to dry for approx. 1 minute before transferring.
Cut out the image, leaving a narrow margin of 5 mm around the motif edges.
2. 💕Transferring
Preheat the iron to the highest setting (takes approx. 2-3 minutes) Do Not use steam function!
You can also use a transfer heat press. Recommended transfer temperature (for both iron and transfer heat press) is180℃
Briefly iron the fabric to ensure that it is completely smooth.
Place the transfer film onto the textile with the printed image facing downwards
lron the transfer film with strong pressure and slow movements. Don t forget the corners and edges
Possible brownish discoloration of the white areas of the transfer paper and any arising smells are hamless and will not affect the quality of the transfer in any way (Using an iron with an average temperature of180'Cthe handle duration takes approx. 15-20 seconds for an A4 sheet)
Matt finish. Remove the release paper in a smooth, even movement while it is stil hot at one strength, starting from corner.
Glossy finish: Allow the transfer to entirely cool, then peel off the release paper.
3. 💕Washing
Wash the garmentfabric before wearinglusing
Wait 24 hours before washing on the first drying time.
Wash the textiles with 30-40C garments inside out.Machine laundry is recommended.
Do not use aggressive washing detergents or bleach of any kind.
Do not tumble-dry.
Iron only on the reverse side.
To revitalize the color briliance, the transfer can be ironed again. Cover the picture with a greaseproof paper, iron for a few seconds and peel the greaseproof paper off while it is still hot


  • Material: Heat Transfer Paper
  • Size: A4 

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