Multifunction bread slicers set

Package contains
Croissants CutterBlade roll
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Rotary cutter for the production of croissant bread

Made of noble materials, hygiene, safety, baking tools.
Innovative design: Cross-Blade design, castors with plastic handle, only need to roll slightly, you can get three pieces of uniform dough.
Fine craftsmanship: to create fall-proof, durable products for DIY baking and professional baking.
Food grade materials: wear-resistant, scratch-resistant cutting tools, easy to clean.
High quality plastic handle: good grip, comfortable grip.
Widely used: Suitable for cutting dough, baking croissants, biscuits, and bread.
Exquisite gifts and necessary baking utensils: Suitable for home improvement and baking enthusiasts.

Material: PP
Size: 36.4 * 9.7 * 6.5 cm / 14.33 * 3.82 * 2.56

The process of making croissants:
Pour some warm water into the yeast, wait 15 minutes and then mix it with the egg yolk.
Mix with a high gluten flour, low gluten flour, milk powder, and sugar. Add yeast and egg paste to the dough.
Then cover with a plastic wrap and wait 30 minutes for the dough to ferment.
The dough is fermented in this way.
While waiting, heat the pan and pour some oil in it, then mix it with flour.
Knead the fermented dough into rectangular slices.
You should oil the dough.
Fold dough three times.
Finally, you can cut the dough with a hob and roll-up. Put rolled croissants on greaseproof paper.
Place it in a 190-degree oven for about 15 minutes to finish the rolled croissants.


blade roll

Bullet points:
1, Adjustable: The adjustable cookie cutter is switchable for 7 widths.
2, Easy to clean: Compared to kneading needle seals made of wood, this stainless steel rolling pin with a thickness ring directly underwater is very easy to clean, without rusting. It is important that the needle roller cushions do not separate and firm after hand washing.
3, Widely used: lattice cutting machine suitable for slicing pasta, pastry dough, brownies, biscuits, pizza, lasagna, clams, etc.
4, Pastry Wheel: It has 4 grooves and 4 traditional interchangeable knives.
5, Easy storage: Includes a hanging hole for easy storage on the kitchen wall and a safe dishwasher.

Name: Adjustable rolling pin
Material: PP + iron
Individual product weight: (without color box) approx. 177.2 g
Color box size: about 44 * 7.5 * 7.3cm / 17.32 * 2.95 * 2.87in